Owner and Founder Aaron Seaton endeavored to make fantasy become reality: create a Group-Training facility-with a emphasis on Boot camp & TEAMWORK that displayed the most dynamic and effective training styles to date. Not only did he research to develop the very best variations of workouts, but he wanted to see if it was possible to vary those workouts every day and allow them to be available to everyone. He sought out dynamic, engaging, professional & positively contagious instructors to take charge of the workouts to motivate& inspire the clients to really see what they were truly capable of! 


Brittany has a lifelong fitness background that began with dance. She earned her BS in exercise science and has certifications which include ACE, ACSM, AFAA Certified Practical Pilates, Zumba and Zumba Step, RealRyder Spin, Pound Pro, and CPR/AED.  She is a high energy, positive minded instructor who thrives in the fitness world and loves to to witness how exercise positively impacts others' lives, minds, and bodies. She always keeps fitness fun and energetic.


anthony carrion

Anthony specializes in functional training, bootcamp circuits, and boxing conditioning. His passion for fitness began in 2012 as a personal goal to achieve a healthier body and lifestyle. His innovative workouts have provided countless individuals with a positive experience while keeping them challenged and motivated. He holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is an experienced competitor. He thrives off the ability to make people stronger, happier, and healthier.



Kunle specializes in strength and conditioning with functionality based exercises. He believes looking good translates to performing better. His certifications include NPTI and NASM and his goal is not only to have you more confident about yourself but to also have you feeling better and stronger.



Enrico believes that an individual’s body is in a state of constant change. It is crucial to understand the importance of experiencing both negative and positive change. The physical hardships one encounters should serve as motivation to push through adversity. On the other hand, positive change reminds us that hard work pays off. Always remember , goal achievement is a marathon, not a sprint. As a fitness professional, Enrico takes the responsibility to improve body mechanics by identifying muscle imbalances and ultimately creating a high intensity training program that not only improves those deficiencies, but focuses on muscle endurance and flexibility. Those who train with him and experience his class will learn how to exercises efficiently, and in turn, reach their goals faster and safer, one day at a time. “There’s no substitute for hard work. Stay humble and remain hungry.”